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Adventys Induction Griddle BGIC 3000

Adventys Induction Griddle BGIC 3000

Vendor: Adventys
SKU: DF977
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The Adventys BGIC 3000 induction griddle gives you all the functionality you need to cook great tasting food quickly. With an ultra-fast heat-up, the griddle is ready to cook at a moment's notice, whilst the large 300x370mm cooking plate has more than enough capacity for a busy lunchtime rush. Performance like this normally requires powerful gas burners or a hardwired electricity connection, however this griddle only needs a single 13A plug. Truly efficient and a great addition to any professional kitchen.

Warranty: 2 Years
Dimensions:200(H) x 392(W) x 526(D)mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage :

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