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Alto-Shaam High-Speed Double Pane Electric Rotisserie & Hood AR-7EVH/DP

Alto-Shaam High-Speed Double Pane Electric Rotisserie & Hood AR-7EVH/DP

Vendor: Alto-Shaam
SKU: CK097
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The Alto-Shaam High-Speed Double Pane Electric Rotisserie with Ventless hood makes cooking the centre of attention. The AR-7EVH electric rotisserie oven can be showcased anywhere for customers to see without being restricted to hood requirements. This ventless rotisserie oven option features a self-contained venting system for safety and sanitation. A high-powered CFM draws steam and fumes from the oven chamber to filter out grease, smoke and odours.

Product features

  • Dimensions1371(H) x 992(W) x 815(D)mm
  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • Voltage240V
  • Weight218kg
  • ColourSilver
  • Warranty RBD1 Year Parts Only
  • Attractive design with illuminated interior provides a theatre effect to highlight food. Stainless steel as standard
  • Clear, easy-to-read LED display. Electronic control features temperature display in Fahrenheit or Celsius, cooking set points from 1 minute to 4 hours, and emergency stop
  • Designed for your operation to load and unload products as needed. Models are available in reach-in and pass-through configurations
  • Easy to clean - the rotisserie wheel and skewers completely disassemble for simple, less bulky clean-up. An optional Teflon coated package makes clean-up a breeze
  • Efficient - the electric rotisserie uses up to 30% less energy than competitive models
  • Fast cooking equals high production - the combination of convection and radiant heat cooks food in half the time of competitive rotisseries, effectively doubling your cooking production
  • Cook product in half the time. Dual heating sources combine high-velocity convection and radiant heat technology that cooks food in half the time of the competitive models
  • Accessory baskets and various skewers easily slide into place to cook pork loin, turkey breast, meatloaf, ribs, vegetables and more
  • Enhanced control with cook and holding modes. The controls automatically switch to hold mode once the cooking cycle is completed, allowing the food to remain on display
  • Cook temperature range from 250° to 425°F (121° to 218°C) and product hold temperature range from 140° to 210°F (60° to 99°C). Temperature-dropping hold mode further reduces energy consumption
  • Ventless rotisserie ovens ensure consistent results with one-touch cooking and programmable controls. Store up to seven programs for both the cooking and holding function


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