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JM Posner Tyboon High Speed Oven

JM Posner Tyboon High Speed Oven

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The Tyboon high speed oven is a compact table top oven that cooks using infrared technology. It is extremely portable as it does not need to be `hard wired' like a conventional oven - just connect with a standard plug. The Tyboon high speed oven opens up many possibilities for your kitchen, now you can serve pizza slices, panini, nachos and cookie dough to name a few - and the best bit is they only take a few minutes to cook or re-heat!

The Tyboon offers complete versatility with pre-installed programs that you can set so that you can guarantee your customers constant quality at all times. Precision engineered in Germany. The unit has rubber feet so that it does not slip and comes with a removable food drawer for ease of serving your heated products. It also has a simple to use touch screen and a USB port for uploading your food product images you want to serve.

The Tyboon only uses infrared technology, providing a fully heated oven in less than 30 seconds and your food will be ready in under 3 minutes. The second is the saving on energy costs, no more waiting for 20 minutes to heat up and leaving on all day to stay at cooking temperature.

Dimensions:320(H) x 450(W) x 505(D)mm
Voltage : 230V
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