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Polar U-Series Four Door Chef Base Counter Fridge

Polar U-Series Four Door Chef Base Counter Fridge

Vendor: Polar
SKU: DA464
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Designed for reliability and performance, the Polar U-Series four door refrigerated chef base is the essential chilled storage solution for busy commercial kitchens with limited space. With its low height, the fridge is built to accommodate larger appliances on top, such as griddles, hotplates or blast chillers, thereby freeing up vital kitchen space and giving you more room for other units or prep tables.

Using a powerful forced air cooling system, the Polar ensures effective and reliable chilling throughout the interior, keeping the contents perfectly chilled, even in hot kitchens or where the doors are frequently accessed. This fridge can accommodate up to four 1/1 GN trays inside, giving you plenty of storage flexibility whilst making access and loading simple. A strong stainless steel construction also makes the fridge easy to clean and immensely hardwearing - perfect for the demands of any fast-paced kitchen.

Polar U-Series is the pinnacle of the Polar kitchen refrigeration range, designed to reliably store your most valuable produce. Built to the highest commercial specifications, these units feature powerful forced air cooling - perfect for reducing food waste whilst conserving food taste. If you expect to access the unit very frequently, Polar U-Series refrigeration reliably keeps a consistently cool temperature, even in conditions up to 43¿C.

Warranty: 2 Years
Dimensions:630(H) x 2230(W) x 700(D)mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Power: 220
Voltage : 230V
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