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Prince Castle

Prince Castle 3x4 Double-sided Extended Holding Bin EHB34ACE

Prince Castle 3x4 Double-sided Extended Holding Bin EHB34ACE

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The Prince Castle 3x4 EHB34ACE double sided extended holding bin (EHB) is a great commercial solution for keeping retaining the temperature, taste and texture of held food - all whilst reducing running costs and improving the efficiency of service.

Designed to hold twelve 1/3rd size food drawers, the EHB provides plenty of capacity, giving you the flexibility to load different menu items across each section. Dual zone temperature controls provide impressive regulation of the holding environment, extending hold times without sacrificing quality or taste. The EHB also has a handy Cook More alert - an automatic notification which lets you know when a drawer is approaching the end of its holding time. This function is great for ensuring popular menu items never run out - an essential feature for busy kitchens.

Warranty: 1 Year Parts & Labour
Dimensions:460(H) x 843(W) x 358(D)mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage : 208-240V
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