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Vollrath Energy Saving Conveyor Toaster CT4-230DUAL

Vollrath Energy Saving Conveyor Toaster CT4-230DUAL

Vendor: Vollrath
SKU: CZ991
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The Vollrath CT4-230DUAL energy saving conveyor toaster is a great solution for high volume toasting during busy breakfast services. Able to toast up to 1100 slices every hour, the Vollrath really keeps up with the pace. In addition to its powerful quartz heaters, the conveyor toaster also includes fans which push heat directly onto the bread - delivering faster, more uniform results whilst also being more energy efficient.

With two cooking zones, the Vollrath CT4-230DUAL gives you the option to cook different bread products at the same time. Need to cook bagels and hand-cut bread at the same time? No problem. And as each zone is independently-controlled, you can easily power down unneeded zones to reduce running costs during quieter hours. There's also a standby mode to further reduce running costs by up to 75% during especially quiet times, whilst still being able to return to full power quickly. The flexibility of two powerful toasters in one footprint.

Warranty: 1 Year Light Duty Commercial
Dimensions:597(H) x 514(W) x 730(D)mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage : 230V
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