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We stock a wide range of equipment, everything from heavy duty fryers, through to rational combi ovens and gas chargrills. Whether you need the perfect countertop fryer to make the tastiest chips, or you want to find the best possible grill to make an amazing steak, we’ve got everything that you could possibly need

Catering Equipment for a Commercial kitchen

Merlin is one of the most trusted catering suppliers in the UK. We supply and install high quality commercial catering and refrigeration equipment for professional kitchens. We also provide essential servicing and catering equipment repairs. In fact, we work with a wide range of customers, from educational establishments through to bars and bistros. We work with a selection of high quality manufacturers, to provide you with a fantastic choice of catering equipment. Whatever your budget, we stock a range of specialist brands, including Rational, Blueseal, Lincat and Williams Refrigeration. So, whatever you need, our specialist engineers are also on hand to help with all aspects of planning and fitting.

The best equipment for all your needs

We stock a wide range of equipment, everything from heavy duty fryers, through to rational combi ovens and gas chargrills. Whether you need the perfect countertop fryer to make the tastiest chips, or you want to find the best possible grill to make an amazing steak, we’ve got everything that you could possibly need. We can also offer one of the widest selections of gyros grills, both gas and electric styles, to help you cook the most incredible kebabs. In terms of refrigeration equipment, we have an outstanding selection of fridges and freezers. Whether you're looking for upright appliances, or fridges that will fit under your countertops, we have everything you could possibly need. There's also a great range of countertop fridges and freezers to help you keep your products cool whilst they are on display. We can even help you find the very best blast chillers and fast-freezing ice makers, perfect for a bar, or any other establishment serving ice cold drinks. Because we have a great long-standing relationship with many important catering equipment suppliers, we are also able to help you if you have specific, niche requirements. That means that if you can’t see the specific catering or refrigeration equipment that you are looking for, when you browse our website then just get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We also offer significant discounts for large orders, particularly if you are looking to equip a whole kitchen - so contact us today to find out how we can help.

Gas Safe engineers

Whether you are designing and fitting a brand new kitchen in your establishment, or you are refitting and upgrading your current appliances, there are safety considerations that need to be taken in to account. You need to ensure that your kitchen area meets all of the extraction requirements, for example, do you have a gas interlock installed? It’s also important to understand whether you have the correct air supplies in place, if you are installing a fryer or gas combi appliance. Because you need to understand all of these safety requirements before you purchase your equipment, we are also on hand to carry out site surveys, and to provide a full quote to install your new equipment, or even the whole kitchen. All of our gas engineers are Gas Safe certified, and will work closely with you to ensure that you are totally happy throughout the whole fitting and installation process.

Pure Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

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Pure Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

Pure Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser

The hospitality industry, including restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and bars, has been hard hit in the pandemic crisis. As lockdown restrictions ease and businesses open again, establishing the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene is imperative. Public areas have to be sanitised at intervals throughout the day to ensure the safety of staff and customers. It is likely that these standards are here to stay, and so businesses are looking for solutions to quickly and effectively sanitise their premises as an addition to manual cleaning.

Italian company, Moduline have introduced a machine that can quickly sanitise a closed area such as a restaurant or kitchen. The device utilises a fine mist which cleans the air as well as all surfaces in the room.

The Moduline Pure Hydrogen Peroxide Atomiser produces a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide solution at a level of 7.5%. Hydrogen peroxide is considered the world's safest all-natural, effective sanitiser. At this percentage of dilution, it is known to be highly effective in destroying the COVID-19 virus as it exists in the air and also on all surfaces. The biocide action of the hydrogen peroxide also kills other bacteria and viruses and which may be present, leaving premises thoroughly safe and sanitised.

What does the Moduline atomiser do?

The Moduline Atomiser works by turning a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide at 7.5%, stored in its tank into a very fine mist which is dispensed into the air. Hydrogen peroxide is entirely water-soluble. As it settles, it covers all surfaces with an invisible layer of micro-condensation. This is perfectly safe, as, unlike other chemical substances, hydrogen peroxide does not produce residues or gasses. Hydrogen peroxide slowly decomposes into water and oxygen, and dissipates completely. It disinfects by releasing free oxygen radicals, which have both oxidising and disinfecting powers.

Where is it suitable for?

It is suitable for any environment, as long as people and animals can be removed from the area during the time of the misting process itself. It is safe in food prep areas, as long as the food is covered during the misting application.

Areas for application

It is the ideal process for sterilising commercial kitchens, restaurants, takeaway premises and bars. It can also be used to sanitise a hotel room hotel after guests have checked out and before new guests arrive. It can be used as a powerful incentive for customers and staff to return to a business as they will be protected not only from COVID-19 but also from other harmful substances and bacteria that can cause illness.

The Moduline atomiser is also safe and effective for use in medical environments such as hospitals, pharmacies, care homes and any other medical facilities.

It can also be used to disinfect vehicles, and so is the perfect solution to sanitise vans used to deliver food, between deliveries.

At a slightly different dilution at 3.55% it can even disinfect clothing. Staff uniforms, kitchen aprons etc. can be safely sanitised at intervals.

How does it work?

The atomiser is extremely easy to use and operate. Because the treatment is a fine airborne mist, it can reach all parts of the room without anything having to be moved. The unit is light and easily moved from place to place if there are different areas to be sanitised.

The process of sanitisation

One unit can sanitise up to 500m3. So the first step is to calculate the total area to be treated. If the area is more than 500m3, further machines can be added, spaced out appropriately evenly across the area. If one device is used, it is placed in the corner of the room. If the area is less than 500m3, the correct cubic meter area is entered into the easy to read control panel.

The area should be cleared of people and animals and windows and doors closed. Cover any exposed food. The atomiser has a start delay function so that once the start button is pressed, the operator has 15 seconds to leave the room before the misting process begins. If people are exposed accidentally to the mist, it is not dangerous, but may cause some temporary irritation of the mucous membranes in the eyes and nose. An audible beep will sound to indicate that the process has started and then there is then another beep alert so that the operator knows when the sanitisation cycle is complete.

Once complete, the room is left closed for 20 minutes for full sanitation to take place. At the end of this time, it is safe to enter the wholly sanitised area.

What about training?

The machine is straightforward to use, but there is a video which clearly demonstrates the process.

Is it safe?

Safety of the chemicals for people and materials

The hydrogen peroxide used in the Moduline machine is diluted to a specific level which makes it perfectly safe to use, while still having the required sanitising effect. The solution does not have any corrosive effect on any materials including wood, laminates, metal, plastic or fabric. Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide naturally biodegrades into water and oxygen, which makes it residue-free and makes it one of the most environmentally friendly methods of decontamination. Because all that is left is oxygen, there is also no build-up of any chemicals on surfaces or in the air.

Once the area has been treated, and has stood for 20 minutes, it can be re-entered safely. Surfaces can be touched without there being any chemical transfer onto hands or clothing, The chemical will have done its job of killing any trace of virus and bacteria, and will have dissipated.

Fire risk

There is no fire risk as the mist cannot catch fire. The unit housing the machine is also not flammable, and there is no risk of fire in the case of a short circuit.

Is it easy and safe to transport and move around?

The atomiser weighs only 8 kg, and is equipped with two sturdy handles for carrying.

What about delivery?

The unit comes with a 12 months parts and labour warranty and delivery within the UK mainland is included.

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