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Josper Small Charcoal Oven HJX-PRO-S80

Josper Small Charcoal Oven HJX-PRO-S80

Vendor: Josper
SKU: DX460
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The HJX-PRO-S80 is Josper's small size countertop 100% charcoal oven. Recommended for around 80 diners and with a fire up time of around 30 minutes, the HJX can reach chargrilling temperatures of up to 350˚C and produce perfectly smoked and grilled food using one load of charcoal for around 9 hours.

Josper's unique design brings together tradition and innovation to add rich flavours and authentic taste to your food. This high quality, expertly crafted and aesthetically pleasing charcoal oven will elevate your culinary offering to the highest level.

Warranty: 3 Years
Dimensions:1024(H) x 649(W) x 772(D)mm
Material: Cast Steel
Power: Charcoal
Voltage :
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