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Perfect Fry

Perfect Fry Ventless Fryer PFA7201

Perfect Fry Ventless Fryer PFA7201

Vendor: Perfect Fry
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The fastest and easiest way to cook fried foods - introducing the innovative Perfect Fry, ventless fully automatic fryer. Removing the need for overhead extraction, the Perfect Fry recirculates heat to deliver incredibly accurate and uniform cooking every time. Whether you're cooking chips, fish, chicken or onion rings, the Perfect Fry cooks at a high and even temperature to leave food deliciously crispy and full of flavour.

Thanks to its innovative controls, all that's required is to enter the cooking time and let the machine do the rest. This allows you to cook a wide variety of food without having to monitor progress. For further versatility, the Perfect Fry also includes Dual Load functionality, which allows you to cook two products with different cook times simultaneously.

Built-in HEPA style air filters reduce emissions and make the machine almost odourless when in use. This helps to keep your kitchen free from smoke and unwanted smells, whilst reducing the risk of flavour contamination.

Warranty: 1 Year Parts Only
Dimensions:762(H) x 434(W) x 677(D)mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Power: Electric
Voltage : 240V
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