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Scotsman EC 87 Self Contained Ice Machine w/ integral drain pump & XSAFE 44kg Output

Scotsman EC 87 Self Contained Ice Machine w/ integral drain pump & XSAFE 44kg Output

Vendor: Scotsman
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The Scotsman EC87 self contained ice machine with integral drain pump & XSafe reliably produces up to 44kg of gourmet Supercube ice every 24 hours. The Supercube is the most popular type of ice cube - ideal for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and clubs.

The clarity of the Supercube makes them the perfect choice for drinks presentation whilst their purity ensures that they are slow to melt - staying in drinks for longer. Their unique shape means that these cubes are less prone to sticking together, as well as being easier to handle than the more traditional square cube.

Supercubes are made by spraying water upwards into an inverted mould. Inverting the mould means that any sediment or impurities in the water fall back down, leaving only pure water to form the cube making these cubes very hard. Once produced, the cubes are ready to use, stored in a hygienic, 19kg capacity storage bin.

XSafe is a totally natural sanitation system which is fully integrated inside the ice machine. It operates automatically 24 hours a day 7 days a week to keep your ice making equipment clean and safe. The systemØdestroys over 99% of known viruses and bacteria, substantially reducing the formation of mould, mildew, yeast and slime within the machine preventing unpleasant odours from occurring.

Warranty: 3 Years Parts & 2 Years Labour
Dimensions:930(H) x 531(W) x 600(D)mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage : 230V
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