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Winterhalter Undercounter Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher UC-M-E

Winterhalter Undercounter Thermal Disinfection Dishwasher UC-M-E

Vendor: Winterhalter
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Compact. Effective. Reliable. The Winterhalter UC-M-E thermal disinfection dishwasher has an unrivalled reputation for delivering the most hygienic washing results every time.

Meeting HMT2030 regulations, the thermal disinfection system washes at 73°C for a full 3 minutes - essential in healthcare sites such as hospitals, hospices and care homes. The Winterhalter is simple to operate and utilises advanced technology to optimise every part of the washing process, reducing energy use, noise and running costs. If you're looking for the very best professional dishwashing results, the Winterhalter UC-M-E is a great solution.

This model is fitted with an internal water softener, allowing use in medium to hard water areas.

What is an air gap?

An air gap is a unobstructed physical air break which prevents contaminated water flowing back into the machine. This ensures that only clean water is used to wash the contents.

What does a drain pump do?

Not all dishwashers need a drain pump. This is a handy internal or external pump which removes waste water from the dishwasher. In some circumstances, water can simply drain away using gravity. If the drain outlet is higher than the dishwasher though, you'll need a drain pump.

What is thermal disinfection?

All professional dishwashers do a great job of cleaning plates and dishes. However, in some circumstances (such as in critical healthcare or laboratories), it's essential that items are washed at a high temperature for a set amount of time to provide the very cleanest results. Dishwashers with thermal disinfection take slightly longer to operate, but deliver exceptional levels of hygiene control.

Product features

  • Dimensions715(H) x 600(W) x 617(D)mm
  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • Temperature Range40°C to 66°C
  • Weight72kg
  • ColourStainless Steel
  • Warranty RBD3 Years
  • Useable wash chamber height: 309mm
  • Up to three programmable wash cycles
  • Self-cleaning programme ensures maximum hygiene
  • Advanced design helps to reduce water and energy use
  • Precise detergent & rinse aid dosing optimises washes
  • VarioPower technology adjusts rinse pressure to maximise performance
  • Minimum requirement of 1.5 bar incoming water pressure
  • Made in Germany
  • Quiet mode reduces operating noise
  • Intuitive Smart Touch digital control panel and display
  • WRAS compliant air gap
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